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Resetting User folder when Multiple users log in on Windows

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if you have a common box office computer that many users log in to before using theatre manager (or use windows terminal server for remote access), you may find that:
  • Installing Theatre Manager under one user works just fine
  • However, accessing TM when another user logs into the workstation will provide a Serial # Error

If you find this to be an issue then you will need to remove any existing directories under each user profile called TheatreManager before using theatre Manager. The installer is unable to find these and remove them automatically.


Fixing the Problem on Windows or Terminal Server

  • Reinstall Theatre Manager 64 bit and do not do anything to replace the serial file
  • Using windows explorer, go to the C:\Users directory. You will see a list of all users that have logged into the computer
  • For each of the users you see, go into C:\Users\[UserName]\App\Data\Local\TheatreManager
  • Delete the TheatreManager directory
  • repeat for all users in the C:\Users directory
then log in to the machine as any user to test that they can access theatre Manager. You may need to put the IP address of the database in place.


Fixing the Problem on Macintosh

  • Login as an Admin person
  • Reinstall Theatre Manager 64 bit and do not do anything to replace the serial file
  • start Theatre Manager and connect to the database
  • Log in to the Computer (not Theatre Manager) as the other users who have accessed this machine
  • Use the finder menuGo->Go to Folder
  • Type cd ~\Library\Preferences\TheatreManager. You should be in the Theatre Manager and see a theatreManager.plist and perhaps a 'TheatreManager' directory.
  • If you do see a bunch of files, select them all (except the theatreManager.plist) and delete them all
  • Start Theatre manager on that machine and you should be able to log in