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Theatre Manager 9.25 Released

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TM Scanner - Arts Management Systems Ltd. Theatre Manager Version 9.25 contains significant functionality enhancements as part of our twice a year plan to deliver major features and other improvements garnered from users. The major focus on this particular version has been requested improvements to the internet sales process and reduction of IT support time.

This means:

  • More features are available online (gift certificate/pass redemption, recurring payments, viewing volunteer/staff activities, promoting events not yet on sale online, etc)
  • A number of web pages were tweaked (particularly template files) to support the new web features
  • Implemented a far better 'forgotten password scheme' where the user actually resets their password instead of having the actual password emailed.
  • Addition of IOS based bar code scanners that can scan linear and QR barcodes. Depending on the IOS device you pick, it is possible to scan tickets in the middle of a field.
  • The eblast process now tracks when a customer has opened the eblast and records the open date within Theatre Manager - providing an improved life cycle history of the communication with the patron. TM has always supported recording how a customer purchased online and this augments the overall process by tracking complete life cycle from the delivery of marketing material prior to the purchase decision.
  • The classic listener and second generation listener have been redesigned to self update. This is an exciting new approach to help eliminate as much time as possible to do an update - it will just happen.
  • And much more...
This is the final release of version 9.xx and must be installed prior to version 10 (coming soon and is PCI PA DSS 2.0 certified). When released, going from 9.25 to 10.00 will be fast so we suggest installing 9.25 when you are able.