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Same Secondary Email-Different Patrons

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Multiple Patrons with the same SECONDARY email address


Examples of: If the list shows a Caution icon at the beginning of the row, a second probable cause cause is multiple patrons with the same SECONDARY email address twice in their contact record.

They patrons will have more than one email address associated with their record and the duplicated one is the non-primary.


If the cause of the duplcaite is non-obviouse, the course of action for these patrons is to:
  1. Copy the secondary email address in the account to the clipboard
  2. Click the patron button on the toolbar
  3. Change the search to be by Phine/Email/Web
  4. Paste in the email address from step 1 and click search.
  5. If this yields two or more patrons, the solution can be one of the following:
    You may have to do some analysis and contact patrons to find out who should rightfully have the email address, or to find out if patrons are the same or related before choosing an action.
    • Merge people with somewhat similar names and emails into same patron -OR-
    • Merge people with similar last names or a known relationship to each other into same household -OR-
    • If the patrons have no known relationship to each other, then remove the email from one of the patrons - the one who is most likely not to own it. If it is unclear who might own the email adddress, contact the patrons to get clarification.