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Redirecting link on your main website specifically for Courses

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Redirecting patrons to a specific list of Events or Performances can be especially helpful for organizations who sell Courses online. In addition to the usual Tickets link on the main website, a link can be created specifically for Courses.

Creating a link to courses entails using the &search parameter in the event URL. By picking the right &search parameter you can:

  1. Show all courses by using the parameter &search=PB_SALES_METHOD=6 in the link. This is, by far, the easiest as
    • it simply shows all courses -and-
    • is immediately effective when new courses are created.
  2. Show selected events which can in the &search parameter. A sample is shown later on this help page.
    • This has the advantage of allowing events sold as courses as well as a final 'parent' performance to be found in one list.
    • It has the disadvantage that the web page link must be changed each time you have a new course
  3. A hybrid approach that may have a &search parameter that show all events sold as courses or some specific 'finale' performances.


An example of showing a link specific courses (Option 2 above)

A company has three Courses that are one-time events or workshops. Patrons can pick and choose or select all three if they'd like.

In our example, the company wants a link redirecting patrons to the list of Events/Courses (we'll discuss a need for a list of Performances/Classes further down).

In the Event List in Theatre Manager, the Courses look like this:

The Event # column is the one at the far left.

Those unique Event #'s - 86, 87, and 88 in the example - will belong to only the corresponding Event in the database and no others.>

"x, y and z" are representative of those unique Event #'s in the search string in the link discussed above for creating a link to a list of Events.

A link to these Courses will look like: IN(86,87,88)

Similarly, you can create a link to a list of specific Performances for sale. This can be useful if your organization offers a Course made up of a series of Classes which can be purchased separately.

In this case, the Performance # works as the unique identifier for each Class in the Course.

Under the Course (Event) Setup, in the Performance Tab, the Perf # column is on the far left of the list of performances:

In the example image, the Perf #'s are 373, 374 and 375. A link to a list of those Classes would look like: IN(373,374,375)

Care should be taken when creating Courses and Classes that you change the Sales Method to "Course" in the Performance Setup stage of the Course Setup.

Online patrons can purchase a Course and then assign another patron as the attendee for the Course (helpful in cases where the parent buys a class for a child who will be attending). For this option to be available, Courses must be setup as Sales Method - Course. For more information about Courses in Theatre Manager, click here.