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Auto Renewal in the Manage Favorite Seats Window

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The Auto-Renewal process gives you the ability to renew season subscriptions within a series on mass. When you do this you create an order, books the season subscription and authorise the payments using the options you select. Alternatively, you can place the payments for outstanding orders on account.

This process cannot be easily reversed.

To start, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click Patron Sales >> Season Reservations >> Manage Favorite Seats.

    The Manage Favorite Seats window opens.

  2. Select the season from the Season Package drop down list.

  3. Choose the performance from the Performance List.

  4. Highlight the patrons in the Patron List, whose subscriptions you are Auto Renewing.

  5. Click the Auto-Renew button.

    The Season Subscription Auto-Renewal window opens.

  6. In step 1, you choose the season packages to be auto-renewed.

    The Selected Patrons option auto-renews only the patrons you selected in the previous window. The Subscriptions option will auto-renew all the subscriptions you have not cancelled or already renewed using the individual series code.

  7. In Step 2, select the Auto-Renewal Status.

    When checked, only those subscriptions with auto-renew options checked in the Patron Season Detail window, are Auto-Renewed. If left unchecked, all the selected season subscriptions are Auto-Renewed regardless of the Patron Season Detail preferences.

  8. In Step 3, you determine the Payment option.

    The Do Not Create a Payment option will place the outstanding balances on account creating an entry in the Accounts Receivable. The Create Payment option will add a payment to the newly created season subscription order. The payment will either appear in the Deposit window of the End of Day Wizard if the Authorization option is checked off it will appear as standard authorized transaction. If it is left unchecked, it will appear as an unauthorized card.

  9. Click the Auto-Renew button.
  10. The Auto-Renew Confirmation opens.

  11. Click the Auto-Renew button.

    The Auto-Renewal process can tak some time to run. This process should not be interrupted.

  12. When comple, in the lower left corner of the Manage Favorite Seats window displays a confirmation message that the Auto-Renewal process is complete.

The selected season package(s) are renewed. The seats, for each performance in the subscription have been sold into the order. Depending on the payment option selected, the order may or may not have an outstanding balance.