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How to use the Ping Function

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The Ping function allows a computer to send a message to another computer and look for a response in its simplest form. The Ping function is useful for making sure that a workstation is "talking" to the server or that a computer is talking to the outside world.

  1. From the main menu bar, go to Setup >> Ping Computer.

    This will open the Ping Computer window.

    For more information on the Ping Computer window, click here.

  2. Enter an IP address or URL into the "Ping Computer at" field.

    Optionally, the Pick button can be used to choose a default computer to ping.

  3. Enter the port number to be pinged if necessary.
  4. Click the Ping button to begin the process.

    After a few seconds, a message should be displayed showing that the ping was successful.

    If the ping was unsuccessful, verify the address settings. If it continues to be unsuccessful, there is either a problem with the workstation or with the remote computer.