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The Ping Window

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The Ping window is used to ping another computer to check for communication. The function of ping is to send and receive a message from another computer.

Parts of the Ping Window

Your IP Address
The IP address of the machine that is currently being used. This is the internal address.
Firewall IP Address
The IP address of the network. This is the outside IP address. This is the address that Artsman Support connects to for access to Timbuktu.
Verifies that the IP address of the workstation is valid.
Ping Computer at
The IP address or URL of the machine to send a ping to.
Begins the ping process. For more information on using the Ping function, click here.
An optional port to check on the remote computer. A port check is more specific than a general ping. Leave this blank to generically ping the remote computer.
A drop down menu listing machines that would be pinged on a regular basis.
The drop down menu when the Pick button is selected. Selecting any of the items will enter the default IP and port number into the proper fields.
The message received back from the ping.