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Book Button Not Accessible In Season Package (At The Box Office)

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The Book button is located in the Season tab of the Patron window and the bottom of the tab or in the Season Package Detail window. If the Book button is greyed out in the Season tab it means something in the details of the season package for this Patron are not correct. Start by double clicking on the Season Package and reviewing the pack information.


  1. Does the Subscription contain seats?

    Without seats in the package the package cannot be booked. For details on adding seats to the Season Package Detail window please click here.

  2. Do the number of seats in the package match the Desired Seats field?

    Theatre Manager requires the Desired Seats field to contain a count of the number of seats in the package. If the number in this field does not match the number of seats in the package the package cannot be renewed. The field is designed to manage season packages where the patron wishes to increase or decrease the seats within their package but the seating locations have not yet been assigned or confirmed.

  3. Is the Status of the Package set to a non-renewed or non-cancelled status?

    A package that have already been renewed, is marked as renewed or is marked as cancelled cannot be renewed. If someone has previously attempted to renew the package but failed to complete the renewal the package may be marked as renewed even though it shouldn't be. Change the Status drop down in the upper right corner to . This will allow the package to be renewed ago as long as the seats have not been purchased.