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What to Import

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The data file may have a lot of information and many types of fields. We suggest that you make an evaluative judgment on the quality of the data. For example, first name, last name and address fields are usually of good quality. Often work and home phone numbers are reasonable. Other phone numbers, marketing information, etc. may be poor quality. Sometimes it is better not to import poor quality data. If it is missing, nobody can make a decision based on poor data.

During the import, the program will try to match data with an existing patron based on fields you select. If a match is found, only the fields in the import file will be replaced. The remaining patron information will remain untouched. This may be useful when importing an address correction from the post office. The user may not want to update the patrons first name or last name, just their address, city and postal/zip code fields. If so, only include those columns in the import file.

Here are some general guide lines:

Patron Number
  • If you are using patron number to import to match to existing ones in Theatre Manager (say for address correction purposes), then you must include the patron number with each record and the field heading must be MKT_C_SEQ
  • Ensure all have a period where appropriate. For example, Mr. Mrs.
  • Ensure all are either 'and' or '&'. For example Mr. & Mrs.
  • Ensure all are set to the proper mixed case.
First Name
  • Ensure all are either 'and' or '&'. For example John & Mary
  • Move all salutations out of the first name field and move them to the Salutation field
Last Name
  • Move all company names into the company name field.
  • Move all suffixes out of the last name field and move them to the Suffix field
  • Ensure all have a period where appropriate. For example, Jr.
  • Ensure all are set to the proper mixed case.
  • Update address information to contain the Post Office address guidelines for mailing address. For example, using PO BOX, RR
  • Update address information to be contained on 2 address lines. If you have more then 2 address lines, they will need to be either combined into 2 lines, or have data contained within the address lines moved to different fields within the patron information record.
  • Ensure all are consistent with a 2 letter state/province code
  • All contries must match those that are in the codetables. For example, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan. Those that do not match will be ignored.
Phone Numbers
  • Best ability to ensure that phone numbers are properly indicated into separate columns as Home, Work, Fax or Other
  • Depending on time availability, telephone number extensions to be standardized to be starting with a 'x'. For example x111
  • If area codes are missing from phone numbers and you wish to have all 'missing' area codes be set to something, please let us know prior to the data being imported.
  • If the phone number being imported is to be the primary phone number, use the correct column name in the import file.