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Matching Fields

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The following fields could be used as unique identifiers to import and match records to data that exists in Theatre Manager, or they could just be used to import data. The meaning changes depending on how you use them for matching data during the import process.


This is a special field that is allows you to match imported data with existing patrons based on the patron number. This should only be used if the data file originated from Theatre Manager in the first place, such as for address correction, and you are sure the Patron number matches the one in Theatre Manager (otherwise the results will be overwritten and jumbled data). If you are going to match on patron number, be sure to make a backup of the database first and verify the success of the results after the import.

If you plan to Export patron names for address correction purposes through a Mail House or other verification service, be sure to include the Patron number on the export, so that when you reimport the corrections back in, you have the patron number to link the corrected address with the correct patron record. In addition, be sure not to merge any patron records while the list is at the Mail House, or else the patron numbers may not align when you reimport the data.
Helpful Link: Canada Post address correction web site


These are the marketing fields on the patron record. If they are unique within your database, and you specify them as a column header in the import file, they will also be presented as 'matching field' options. Only do this is you have used these fields to reference unique keys from another system (such as prior ticketing systems).