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Adding a Ticket to an Order

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To add tickets to an order, you perform the following steps:

  1. Find the Patron wishing to add tickets to an already existing order.

    Click Here to learn how to find Patrons.

  2. Click the Ticket tab.

    Locate a ticket already in the order. Click on the ticket to highlight it.

  3. Click the Tickets button and choose the Add New Tickets to Slected Order option.

    The Order window opens.

  4. Choose the event to add tickets, and click the Seat Selection tab.

    The Seat Selection window opens. The seats already a part of the order will appear in red.

  5. Select any additional seats, as needed.
  6. Click the Payment button.

    Process the payment and complete the transaction. The new tickets are purchased and added to the existing order.

The following are available for quick reference information on adding Tickets to an Existing Order


Flash Screencast

Mp4 Screencast