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Theatre Manager 9.22 Released

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Theatre Manager Version 9.22 has been released. Since 9.15, there has been a concentrated effort on performance improvement of the web services and e-blast capabilities as well as feature enhancements. The suggestion is to upgrade at some convenient point in your current season - it doesn't have to occur right away.

The key list of changes since Version 9.15 are:

  • The second generation server is working very well at venues that are using it. It has addressed the vast majority of issues with email servers - (which have been changing rapidly recently in an attempt to combat spam and viruses). It has also improved performance of the web server significantly.
  • Dynamic pricing and changing of Venue Maps on the fly is now possible.
  • A new feature allows single payments across multiple orders to which better handles many situations from patrons like group sales, schools and other repeat buyers.
  • Continued improvements in eblast capabilities and adding links behind text and pictures that direct back to your web site.
and many more enhancements.

As a note to all, we are in the process of having Theatre Manager audited to the PCI 2.0 standard as part of the 3 year cycle for PCI compliance.