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Theatre Manager 9.15.00 Released

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Theatre Manager Version 9.15 has been released containing mostly feature enhancements. The suggestion is to upgrade at some convenient point in your current season - it doesn't have to occur right away.

The key list of changes are:

  • Venues take a different meaning so that you need fewer venue and the really mean a location. Each venue may have many pricing maps so you can switch from one map to another at will. In previous versions of Theatre Manager, venue really meant pricing map, so this change simply allows collecting many of those into one 'venue' -- which it really helps Facility Management Calendars.
  • We've implemented threading in a lot of places to take more advantage of the multi-core computers. It means we should see more 'peppy' response from finding records, web listeners and a new quick find' feature.
  • The order window now uses icons on the left for ease of understanding the components of the order - and there are other underlying changes
  • The development module can now help with asset tracking or planned giving and other donations
  • The Web Module has been enhanced with:
    • Much improved print at home features
    • Improved performance of logging and display of previously cached pages
    • The PC version of the apache module can display access and performance statistics previously only available to OSX or Linux modules.
    • A feature that allows coupons to automatically be added to a patron's cart when they log in (if they are on a target mail list) and automatically get a discount or benefit
    • A feature to allow 'packaging' general admission events so that they can all be presented for purchase on one screen
    • Monitoring of listeners can now be done from any workstation so you can see all activity remotely.
  • Facility Management can now push data directly to CalDav servers for sharing

and more... (as always).