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Theatre Manager 9.12.08 Released

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Version 9.12 has been released as part of the support agreement. Please refer to the full release notes about version 9.12. All venues are encouraged to upgrade to this version due to some important fixes, especially if you are using windows XP.

Key Changes in Version 9.12

This key list of changes are:

  1. Implement direct tracking of the source of the web site shopping cart referral in Theatre Manager
  2. Implement compression techniques for batch letters and correspondence history to significantly reduce the size of backups and allow selection of data retention policies for this record that contains a large volume of data. Note: depending on the number of email blasts and letter history, this may make the first create sales entries (in EOD) after upgrading take a long time to do the first complression.
  3. Introduce the beginning of online volunteer/personnel signup and approval process for positions like ushers. We hope to enhance this area a fair bit as people use it and provide feedback.
  4. Added a Promoter Revenue Audit Report that can be used to report pricing, sales and capacity to some promoters that may require the information on this report
  5. Resolve an issue where windows XP could crash when reading numeric values from the database that are null. Venues with XP that are experiencing crashes are encouraged to upgrade right away.
  6. Implement a number of web sales enhancements and performance improvements.