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Theatre Manager 9.07 Released

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Version 9.07 has been released for all current users of Version 9. Please refer to the full release notes about version 9.07 and what it takes to install it

We attempt to provide a major feature update twice a year and this release is one of those - with significant functional enhancements, performance enhancements, brand new features and a collection of bug fixes. For this release, the key changes fall into 7 categories, although there is a lot of under the hood changes.

Key Changes in Version 9.07.07

There are 7 major areas with feature enhancement

  • Prep work for a forthcoming (free) ipad/iphone app (there are some database and web changes for this)
  • Web performance enhancements an features
  • Enhancement to fee rules
  • Direct Excel export for all lists and most reports.
  • Facility Management changes for calendar, gantt and billing
  • Changes to more easily support ADA rule changes
  • Additional support for venues that deal with Secondary Market Resellers