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Related Transactions

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At the bottom of the transaction detail, there is a table that shows all the related transactions in Bambora. This is probably most pertinent to the original 'PA' transaction. If it has been converted to a 'PAC' transaction, you will see multiple lines as part of the Transaction Detail window that shows all the other transactions that affected this transaction.

Ultimately, all that matters is that you see a blue checkmark beside the PAC transaction, which means it was swept to the bank. In the example below, we see one.

Implication from Interrupted End of Day

However, we also see a number of other transactions with a red X that are related to the PA. If you see those, it may be because an error caused the EOD process to stop (without finishing in Theatre Manager) and so you re-ran it. Bambora only allows one PAC for each PA. A second PAC gives an 'error' but does not affect the outcome.