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Bambora Gateway Account

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The User ID and Password setup is arranged by Arts Management from Bambora and is entered into the Setup --> System Tables --> Merchant Accounts window as below:

Software Type

The following values are set on the software type tab per the diagram below:

  • Set the server software to be Bambora.
  • The merchant provider - select the merchant services provider.
  • The merchant number is for use on ticket faces and for contacting Bambora support.

Connection Info

The following entries are set on the Connection Info tab per the diagram below:

  • User ID - provided through Bambora. The user id remains constant for the life of the account.
  • Password - the password is auto generated for you. You can change it via the online interface to generate a new 'secret' key. If you do that, you can expire your old password right away or allow both old and new to co-exist for up to 24 hours.
  • Passcode (API Key) Enabled - check this box if using the Payment Passcode API feature for connections rather than suppling the User ID/Password combination for each transaction processed.
  • Passcode (API Key) - Payment API Passcode. The passcode (different then the User ID Password) assigned to the merchant account via the online Bambora web portal.

    If Merchant Profiles are enabled and you get an authentication error, you might be using your Profiles API Key instead of your Payments API Key, so double check!

  • Capture Mode - select Host Capture or Terminal Capture for End-Of-Day deposit processing.
  • Primary URL - is always
  • Port - is always 443

Merchant Profiles

Theatre Manager's interface with Bambora to maintain Merchant Profiles is currently under development. This feature has been disabled for activation until completion of the enhancement.

The following entries are set on the Profiles tab per the diagram below:

  • Enable Profiles - set to Active if Merchant Profiles will be used.
  • Profiles API Login Key - Unique Profiles API Key for your Bambora merchant account. This identifier is different than the Merchant ID and User ID on the Connections tab.

    Creating and modifying Payment Profiles requires you use your Profiles API Key. If you get an authentication error you might be using your Payments API Key, so double check!

  • Profiles API URL - is always This URL is different than the URL on the Connections tab.

Refer to Merchant Profiles for further information on functionality.