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Map Differences

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The graphic format for Pricing Maps is now unified in 64 bit. All you need is a single SVG map for all platforms -- in other words, build the map once on one machine and it can be used everywhere for:
  • Macintosh computers
  • Windows computers
  • Web sales, including pick your own seats
If you are using OSX and have enabled pick your own seats over the past couple of years, you will likely find that you have little or no issues for maps that you currently use. The pick your own seat SVG maps can be made compatible so that you can run 32 and 64 bit interchangeably.

Refer to the example to see how to approach verifying a map

How you created your SVG maps may cause visual differences in the two versions of TM where the seats at the box office do not look like they are lined up as in the past. Recreating the map in the 64 bit version of Theatre Manager may resolve this.
If you see a visual difference in the theatre maps, please let us know and we can help show you how to rebuilt them or you can follow the instructions provided.