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Planning your 64 Bit Migration

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32 and 64 bit Theatre Manager will operate interchangeably in the short term. You should:
  • update the operating systems first. This is done required when TM prompts you that you need to update. Make sure that:
  • Once you start installing 64 bit TM on one workstation -- test it first and look at your maps. Then install on all workstations in relatively short order.


Note: you can use 32 and 64 versions at the same time

During your migration and testing period, you can use the 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Theatre Manager interchangeably against a common database.

It means you:

  • Should only update one machine at a time and see if there are items that affect your venue -- paying particular attention to your currently used graphic maps on the first machine before installing on any other machines.
  • Can restore the 32 bit version on the same machine or reinstall the 64 bit - and TM will continue to work. Your data will compatible, regardless which version you use.
  • Can use any combination of 32 bit mac, windows or 64 bit mac on the various workstations in your office