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Version 8.09

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Version 8.09 contains ongoing minor enhancements to address small issues reported by customers. The changes in this version are:

  • Implemented the 'Check for Update' capability in 'About Theatre Manager' for version 8 as well as downloading the update file. Version 7 and 8 now check separate version update databases.
  • Fix to a stored procedure that was not calculating a balance field correctly and as a result, the patron was displaying on list windows as if they owed money (in red). If you encountered this problem and a patron shows incorrectly, then rebuild any order to correct the data and it should not occur again.
  • Fixed an issue if a user typed the wrong email address on the web and tried to log in. TM indicated that the password was incorrect, but if they tried to change the email to be correct, the web would revert it back to the incorrect initial entry
  • Added the order balance as one of the available fields for the word processing module
  • If a patron abandoned a shopping cart and it contained a general admission ticket, it was possible for the internet hold count for general admission tickets to be decremented twice (and even go negative). This occurs when there are multiple listeners and/or the cart clean up process was run simultaneously from two computers at the same time.
  • Fixed wireless ticket scanning where it was incorrectly reporting that all licenses were used.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the print tickets button being available after booking a season subscription on the ticket sell window.
  • The marketing tab on the event window now resizes properly so that text can be entered in the internal and external sales notes on the PC
  • The temporary permissions granted to a user through the operator over-ride feature are now updated properly so that a user, once given the permission for that one instance, now gets to use that permission until the window closes. This only affected a couple of windows such as providing the ability to sell a comp for that specific order at that specific time. The user would be asked many times to permit the operation and now are asked only once for that order. Once the user closes the order window, then permission must be allowed a second time by the supervisor as before.

We recommend this update be installed at all venues currently using version 8.