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Theatre Manager 8.09.05 released

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This update responds to a small number of specialty requests or problems reported recently.
  • The web listener now requires that the apache module be either version 1.2.9 or 1.4.4 before it will start. (Versions 1.4.2 or 1.4.3 of the apache module may cause the actual apache server to restart under load).
  • The web listener now filters out a 00x characters on the web if the patron entered specific hexadecimal characters in character input fields. Specifically, a user needed to enter '0%a' in a text field. If they did this, it may cause an infinite loop on the specific web listener that handled the request.
  • The code for checking for all double clicks on any list in any window has been changed to avoid using timers. Under certain circumstances, it might be possible for TM to crash if there was a lot of activity on the network.
  • There are some updates to the word processor module to address various small issues. Examples are colours on grids, copy/paste of grid objects, the mouse wheel did not always work on all windows, searching text in an entire document and the current selection is inside a text box, prevention of the tab key from deleting an image in a cell when tabbing from cell to cell.
  • Printing reports to a PDF would over-write text if the text on the report was vertical. This addresses that issue on one report
  • Merging of donation campaigns now works correctly and no longer gives an SQL error at the end of the merge process.
  • Update lock process for selling tickets by holding on to locks for a slightly longer time
  • Add a small feature to the subscription detail window to allow performance to be changed as many times as desired between saves if there are no favourite seats.
  • Fix an issue of batch printing passes and gift certificates.
Note: this update must be installed on each computer. You will also need to update the apache module if it is version 1.4.2 or 1.4.3 in order to start the listener after the upgrade.