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Version 8.08.04 Released With Updated Help Links

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Version 8.08.04 of Theatre Manager was released today with links to the new online help system.

We've been wanting to use new web based technology for a long time and we have setup a drupal web site at so that you may view the theatre manager help at any time and print off small booklets of web pages from the web site - or review the help as you need it.

Clicking on the '?' in Theatre Manager (V8.08.04 or later) will take you to the main help page. We plan on updating links for context sensitive help on an ongoing basis.

All the help pages originally came from version 6 and many of them have been converted to reflect screen shots from version 8. You may encounter some pages that are out of date. Please forgive us for those as we update them. Our goal is to make this a one stop resource for most help and update the pages as you ask us questions. Look to the pages to change in minor ways each day.

Version 8.08.04 also:

  • Updates a stored procedure for finding best available seats
  • Prevents changing from reserved seating to general admission if tickets are sold

We recommend this update be installed at all venues currently using version 8 immediately.