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Theatre Manager 8.08.08 released with change to detect web cookies

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Version 8.08.08 contains an important change to detect if an end user has cookies enabled in their browser. We discovered that TM was detecting if cookies were enabled (or not), but was not displaying an appropriate message to users as they proceeded through the web sales system. This has been enhanced so that once the patron hits the first web page, if they proceed to an area that requires cookies, they will be alerted when cookies are not enabled. That should improve their browsing experience.

Version 8.08.08 also:

  • Supports transferring all tickets from a reserved seating performance into another performance (even if it is in a different venue) as long as the seat codes are the same.
  • allows access to all end of day G/L reports for those without the box office module
  • supports importing a theatre manager .tmm file from the list of venues. a .tmm file is an encapsulated file that contains seat locations, the picture layer and all other information about the venue. It does not contain actual seat names. That needs imported separately.

We recommend this update be installed at all venues currently using version 8.