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Version 8.16

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Upgrade Time

The time required to upgrade depends on the number of volunteer history records. If the database contains many of those, the upgrade might take 5 minutes from version 8.15.

Key Changes in Version 8.16.00

The following changes have been made to Theatre Manager since version 8.15

Volunteer Management

  • Fixed the filter in the Volunteer tab in the event window so that 'Show Volunteers working entire event' works when the checkbox is toggled on and off.
  • Added 'Volunteer' as a context menu item on the event window so that a user can go and see all the volunteer information for a particular volunteer in the event list.
  • Fixed a situation where Volunteer hours were aggregating under the wrong year if the accounting setup was 'Store Years at End'. Any existing Volunteer History data will be advanced by one year so that the totals are correct.
  • Added ability to add recognized activities, without having to save first, on the Volunteer award detail window
  • Removed menu item "Remove all activities with 0 recognized hours" from the minus button on the recognized activities list, when there are no activities with 0 recognized hours on the Volunteer award detail window.
  • Resolved issue that may prevent the deletion of a recognized activity from the list of activities on the Volunteer award detail window
  • There are some new settings in code tables for volunteer/staff activities. You can now specify the number of hours you want the volunteer to arrive before a performance or stay after the performance and that will be added to the total hours for recognition - on a per activity basis. Alternatively if the volunteer activity is associated with an entire event, a default number of hours can be assigned for working an entire run. These fields default to zero on the upgrade so that there is no difference from any prior verision.

Year End Rollover and posting

  • You can no longer change the fiscal year manually on the company preferences screen if there are G/L entries that can still be posted. You are advised to post and then rollover the year end.
  • You can no longer roll over the year end until all G/L entries from a prior year are posted
  • You can no longer roll over the year end until all sales transactions have bee run though the end of day process.
  • Year end process now requires acknowledgement that all prior calendar year donations have been entered before continuing
  • Effectively, these changes now mandate stopping sales and completing and posting the end of day. It also reflects the process venues should have been following and the system now enforces it.

Web Sales

  • TM now increments the number of pages accessed by a patron to include pages that are accessed while the patron was browsing anonymously. This means that if a patron accesses 5 pages anonymously and signs in, you will know about the prior 5 pages accessed as part of the total browser statistics.
  • When auto starting Theatre Manager as a web listener, you will no longer get a message if backups have not been run recently.
  • Fix an issue where patrons might have put a long password into Theatre Manager in a much earlier version than is currently allowed.

Facility Management

  • You can now attach multiple file references to any one task. This may be useful if there is more than one file associated with a grant application or a facility rental.
  • Fixed an issue in the Version 8.10 upgrade that caused links to documents on the tasks window to be lost. These will require reentered, or imported from a backup
  • Numerous changes behind the scenes to reflect feedback from the alpha test participants

Sales Process

  • Added some default ticket face coding samples for pricing. You can now select ticket fee1, 2 or 3, or final price without taxes, or final price without fees from a popup menu when building ticket faces
  • All menu options in the context menu on the ticket review tab in the sales process are now enabled. The 'change ticket price' and the 'refund' ticket options were disabled since version 7.36.42.
  • Added a new feature to require permission on renewing a membership/pass if it is beyond the expiry date and permitted lapse time. This should prevent people randomly renewing memberships to the organization that are many years old.