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Theatre Manager 8.16 Released and new support tracking process on Jan 14.

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We have released version 8.16.01 of Theatre Manager for download.

We are also implementing a new system for tracking and assigning support requests internally. As of Thursday morning, you will get a response back to any email sent to support @ artsman . com assigning a tracking number to it. Each follow-on discussion with support will refer to that number so that both you and ArtsMan can have a complete thread on each subject.

Please bear with us as we implement - we've been using the tool for 6 months internally and like it. But we know that change means steps forward and sideways.

See the full notes about Version 8.16 or read on for a summary.

Highlights for Version 8.16

  • Enhancements to volunteer management drag & drop to schedule personnel. Also, fix for the volunteer year for venues with 'store fiscal year at end'
  • There are additional controls for year end rollover so that you can't roll to far forward inadvertently.
  • Renewing expired memberships now asks for permission
  • More fine tuning of Facility Management interface
  • Other minor changes you've come to expect.

This version is recommended for all version 8 users.