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Theatre Manager 8.09.02 released

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This update responds to a small number of specialty requests or problems reported recently.
  • Allow the sell window buttons to be visible without having access to the patron window as well
  • Added a new security case for the order window. This will allow restriction of employee permissions so that they can sell items in an order, but not edit or view patrons.
  • Adding a New subscription via the Order Window or Client Window fixed
    • When clicking "New" via the Patron or Order window's subscription tab, you will be prompted with the 'Which package' messages, but following those messages the new package will be opened, where-as in the past it was just added to the list
    • Fixed an issue where the book button was not enabled after adding seats to a new package from the package detail window.
    • The Book button is now enabled on the package detail window when creating a new subscription from the Order window, when pressed it will call the booking routine from the order window and close the package detail window.
    • Prevent an infinite loop when booking subscriptions that resulted in a message, "Too many methods or attributes stacked"
  • Receivables As Of Specific Date Report Could Create Incorrect Donation Balances. Fixed issue where the Receivables As Of Specific Date Report could create incorrect donation balances in specific cases of split payments.
  • Fixed issue where the Transaction History - By Sales Promotion Group (Totals Only) report would not print.
  • Fixed issue where the hold count could not be set from the performance detail window for a course performance.
  • Fixed Volunteer Hours By Performance Type report to display precision in 2 decimal places instead of 1.
  • Fixed issue when printing the Course Attendance Sheet report to a PDF with the narrow columns option; the text would appear incorrectly and have extra characters.

Other items requiring an install

The following fixes are currently optional and can only be fixed by a full install of Theatre Manager on any affected workstation.
  • Fix an issue that might cause intermittent or random crash when saving an empty text string to the database during the edit of a record.
  • Opening a calendar may cause a random crash after running Theatre Manager for a while
  • Printing a PDF from a report with rotated vertical text on it will now function properly without overlaying the text.