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TM Server Requirements

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You can combine the postgres server and the TM server machines into one, or keep them separate. They are listed separate here. If you combine them, then set total ram at 32+ gigs and probably a two CPU machine or minimum single quad or 6 core.

AMS Cloud Server Option

Arts Management has a cloud offering for database and web services. If you elect to use that option, you will not need any of the servers below.

We also offer the ability to migrate a self hosted database to the cloud or a cloud hosted database to your own servers; whichever suits your needs better.

Self Hosted Option


Windows 10 forces auto-updates, restarts of servers, and cannot exclude the DB directories from virus checking easily -- without a series of registry hacks. We have even heard of Win 10 automatically updating lighting boards during a performance - taking out lights and sound. It is better to use Windows 2016 or later, all of which behave better when told by the user not to do something (via configuration).

Remember to use to acquire windows licences inexpensively.

Can we use a Virtual Machine? Absolutely!!!

The specifications below refer to the three server processes required for Theatre Manager. You can:

  • Put database and TM server on one machine and NGINX on second machines - specs shown below
  • Put all of them on one machine using VM technology - as long as the aggregate capabilities are about the same as the individual machine specs. For example, you'd want dual 4 core, 48GB+ of ram, and a fast raid array and run everything on at least two VM's. Apache/Nginx must go on a separate single core machine. The database and TM server can be on the other VM
  • combine TM Server and Postgres onto one physical machine, but you need to have at least a 4 core processor with hyperthreading (dual cpu is better), 48GB+ of ram, and a fast raid array to handle all processes
You can use Apple's M1 processor for servers or workstations. They are quite a bit faster than Intel Mac's.

PostgreSQL Database Server
Theatre Manager uses Postgres SQL for the database. Recommended specs are:
  • Operating system: Any 64 bit operating system supported by Postgres (OSX Mojave or later, Server 2016 or later, most Linux distributions, FreeBSD). Windows 10 is not recommended for postgres.
  • Memory:32GB+ recommended
  • Disk: the faster the disk array, the better. It is the single most import factor in server performance. We recommend:
    • SSDs, like NVMe M.2 if you can. Any SSD is better than spinning disks -or-
    • Multiple spinning disks, striping (raid 0 or 1+0), hardware raid, fast spindles 6GB SATA or better.
    • Fast Disk I/O is imperative
  • CPU: minimum of a Quad-core processor (6 or 8 core are quite economical these days). Large sites may want dual processors, depending on expected load and if web services are on same machine
TM Server TM server is a multi threaded process which requires memory and cpu cores to provide its services. If using Mac or Windows for the postgres server, this can be placed on the postgres machine. Recommended specs are:
  • Operating system: OSX Mojave or later -or- Windows 2016 or 2019 server version - 64 bit. Windows 10 is not recommended
  • Memory: 32GB+
  • Disk: Anything, an SSD is best
  • CPU: a 6 core (12-thread) machine will generally suffice unless you have a lot of web traffic, or large onsales, in which case you want more cores/ram.
Nginx Web Server Theatre Manager uses Nginx web servers. Recommended specs are:
  • Operating system: OSX Mojave and later. Windows 2016 or 2019 server 64 bit version. Windows 10 is not recommended
  • Memory:8GB+
  • Disk: Anything
  • CPU: most 2 core machine will generally suffice