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Subscriptions Tickets Tab

Subscribe to Syndicate

This tab becomes available when the patron's tickets are renewed.

You use the Subscription Tickets tab to review and change ticketing information for the patron.

Parts of the Subscription Tickets Tab

Status .
Order # The number of the order associate with the tickets.
Play The unique play number generated by Theatre Manager.
Performance A quick reference for the performance.
Play Title The title of the play associated with the tickets.
Section/Row/Seat The section, row and seat for the seats the subscriber.
Quantity The number of seats that patron has.
Total Cost Displays the amount paid for the ticket.
Gift Status If the ticket was given or received as a gift.
Promotion The promotion for the seats..
Opens the tickets sub menu to change the tickets for the selected order.
Opens the Ticket Data window containing detailed information for the selected ticket.
Returns the selected ticket to the box office for resale. If they have not been printed or posted they will be deleted and not refunded. This process also clears the printed flag.
Prints the selected rows if they have not been printed.
Sets the selected tickets to Un-Printed status so they can be printed again.
Prints the map report showing the location of the selected tickets in the theatre.