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Donors Behind in Their Pledge Payments

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The Donor Behind in Their Pledge Payments report can be found under the Donation Reports & Receipts category. Below the image are detailed notes to help you in using the report.

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Purpose of the Report

You use Donor Behind in Their Pledge Payments to print a list of people who have committed to donated using the typical pledge process; where:

  • You have Created a Pledge Schedule for the patron containing correspondence to be sent to them
  • You print and send the outstanding reminder letters (emails are sent automatically) indicating that their pledge payment is due.
  • The donor may (or may not) pay on the appropriate pledge due date. When they pay on their pledge balance:
    • the balance on the donation is reduced, which may result in a remaining balance, if not fully paid
    • the tax receipt can now be printed for the above payment, unless you are intending on doing one for end of year and indicated the appropriate receipt option when creating the donation.
  • This report will show people who are behind in the pledge payments. This is people who have not yet paid based on outstanding reminders

This report is NOT intended for patrons who: since those donations are always considered fully paid at time of entry - even if the money is not yet in the bank.


Departments Who Benefit From This Report

Development Prints a listing of patrons behind in their donation payments and how far behind they are.

Criteria Hints

It is recommended that this report be run using:

Parameter Field Condition Value
Donation Year = Desired Year
Donation Date is Date Entered
Campaign # is one of desired campaign