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Setting up General Admission Roadhouse/Consignment Ticket Sales

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If the Event is taking place at your venue you will not need to create a new map. You can use the existing Venue. However, you may need add another price code to the map to assist with tickets sold at your venue verses those taken to be sold at another location. We'll talk more about that in a moment.

If the Event is not taking place at your venue a new map will be needed. The online help link to Adding a A New Venue gives you the details on setting up a new Venue. When building the pricing map for the venue, please keep in mind it is a General Admission Event. This means you will not need to follow the steps for the Graphic Map, Seat Names or Best Available tabs. The only information required will be the Description tab.

  • When entering the details for the description tab ensure you enter two letters in the Price Codes field. They can be A and B if you like. One will be for tickets sold from your venue and the other for those sold offsite.

Next you add your event(s). Click here for information on Setting up a Festival Seating Event.

Click here for setting up Reserved Seating Event.

  • While setting up your event, you define your price codes. We will stick with A and B in this example. A could be the tickets that you are selling and B could be the tickets sold outside of your box office.
  • Seats sold at Price Code A will have whatever markup you are taking for selling the tickets
  • B will have whatever price is being collected by the Promotion/Sold Off Site.

This will be one of the methods you use to clearly indicate the tickets were issued for a value but you never received the money. Click here for more information on how to set up the price codes.

You should also set up a new sales promotion to track the off site ticket sales. That way they will be highly visible to you. Sales promotions are used during the ticket purchase process to indicate how the base ticket price is to be altered to arrive at the final ticket price. This will indicate which tickets are yours and which are not. When you sell them, you should use a promotion specifically for these tickets.

You can create a new Promo called Consignment. Click here for more information on Adding a Promotion.

You will need to sell your tickets to the Promotion/Offsite. To help you keep track of the sales and ensure you do not have debuits unaccounted for, you will need to add a New Payment Type for the Promotion/Sold Off Site.

  1. First, you will need to add a new GL Account. Click here for directions on adding a new GL Account.

    When you add this new account, ensure it is set up as a LIABILITY.

  2. Then add a new Payment Type to the System Code Tables, using the new GL Account you have set up. Give it a distinctive Name such as "Consignment Sales".

    Click here for directions for adding the new Payment Type.

Now you can print the tickets ahead of time at your box office for the Promotion/Sold Off Site. The process would be:

  1. Create a "Promoter" patron record.
  2. Sell tickets to the Promoter's Account, select the price code B and use Payment Method "Consignment Sales". Click here for information on selling tickets.
  3. Print the tickets, just like you would when selling to a regular patron, using the Payment Method "Consignment Sales".

Now you have the tickets for their sales.

You can now generate reports helpful to costs breakdowns and tickets sold. Revenue by Payment Method Ticket Basedis a break down by payment method and dollar amount - this will give you an amount to exclude when paying the Consignee (by dollar amount). Tickets Sold by Price Code and Promotion gives you a count of your sales, listing all of the tickets that came in on consignment.

To return tickets from the Promotion/Sold Offsite you refund back on same payment method. Click here for more information on refunding tickets.