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Footer Tab

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Parts of the Footer Tab

If available, uses the default search criteria for this report.
If this report has previously been run, this button will add the previous criteria.
Opens a list of saved criteria for this report.
Saves the current criteria to be used later.
Saves the current criteria to be used later and opens a dialog to name this criteria.
Tear Off Section Adjusts spacing so the footer can be torn off the invoice.
Performance Start Warning Time Prints a time on the invoice to alert the patron to arrive at prior to the performance. When set to 0, this field will not print.
Additional Comments The drop down menu is used to select any additional comments that should be included on the invoice. Comments can be added and altered under the Setup >> System Tables >> Invoice Comments menu. Click here for more information about Invoice Comments.
Returns to the previous tab.
Moves to the next tab.
Cancels that adding of criteria and returns the user to the Report window.
Completes the addition of criteria and the sorting of data, and begins to generate the report. Click here for more information on the Finished Report window.