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Theatre Manager 8.23.00 Released

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There is a major release for all venues running version 8 of Theatre Manager.

See the full notes about Version 8.23 or read on for a summary.

Key Changes in Version 8.23

  • The web module now supports serving pages in multiple languages.
  • Courses/Classes can now be sold on line. Each course can have its own registration information/sales page (similar to general admission and reserved seating options) that can provide more specific information to the course registrant. This feature also allows the purchaser to assign any member of their household to take the course instead of it always being assigned to the purchaser - meaning simply that a parent can buy and register a child.
  • Web purchasers can now edit information for any member of their household connected to the account. This is much like being able to manage travellers in the household in an airline web site.
  • The Facility Management module continues to gain more functionality. This version brings includes additional functions such as scheduling meetings in Theatre Manager and emailing ICS files that iCal and Outlook understand. This means a patron can auto-insert meetings into their own calendars.
  • There have been a number of small tweaks to the sales process regarding credit card authorization and when cvv2 numbers should be requested. There are also some important employee permission fixes.
  • This version strengthens future PCI compliance. Note that Theatre Manager is scheduled for its own PA DSS 1.2 compliance audit with the intent of receiving approval by the end of summer. Theatre Manager's current PABP 1.4 certification expires in December 2010.
  • Credit card processing via Paymentech Orbital is now an option. This service provider was chosen for its worldwide capabilities.
  • There have been two changes to address specific crashes that occur under OSX
This is a walk around install.

Also note that there are 38 web page changes must be made prior to installing this version to avoid some web pages not working. Most are new pages and about 6 are important changes to existing pages. Please do not install this version without doing the web page changes first.