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Using a VPN

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The best way to access your own network from a remote location is to set up a VPN between your work location and the office router.
Your office router must be able to support VPN connections. It is generally a feature of a more expensive router, and some low cost routers may have the capability. Check with your IT support if this is an option for you.


Your routers and using TM over a VPN service

If your venue's routers support a VPN service to your network:

Initial, first time only setup steps

  • Ask to have the VPN Client software set up on your home computer.
  • Find the IP address of your database server It is on the lower part of the login screen while using TM in the office. In the example to the right, the address is circled in red (the sample shows
  • Download and run the latest 64 bit version of Theatre Manager for:


Each Time you Connect to the Office

  • Establish your VPN connection from your laptop to your office first
  • Start Theatre Manager and wait for the login screen. Note: the first time you will be asked to find the database. Use the IP address located as outlined in the Initial Setup steps above.
If you are using IP based ticket printers at your remote location, you will need to set up a ticket printer device that has an IP address on the remote network.
If you are in a different local time zones from your office, you will need to provide the LocalTimeZone parameter in the Theatre Manager preferences file. This is only needed if your time zone does not match the time zone setting in the company preferences->Report/Misc tab