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Version 10.01 - Released with easy Double opt-in mail list e-blasts

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The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is coming into effect on July 1st and we've spent the past 3 months fine tuning TM to support the law.

Initial support for single opt-in came on April 5, 2014 - essentially a default was changed so that patrons needed to add themselves to the 'send me emails' button. Double opt-in features were added in mid June to version 10.01 in response to inquiries and deeper understanding of the law from seminars, etc. Opinions vary whether a venues needs single opt-in or double opt in. One things is certain, double opt-in where the patron confirms that they wish to receive emails is far stronger process and help ensure accuracy of emails.

Theatre Manager now has an even easier double opt-in process based on mail lists where emails are sent automatically to patrons and mail list status codes are change to confirm the double opt in status automatically - with limited work on the part of the venue.

The initial mail list can be build on those that want to receive emails -- and then turn that into an easy double opt-in. Emails sent before the deadline are not subject to CASL and there are special exceptions for not for profits.

This release mainly applies to Canadian venues. After changing TM to meet the CASL laws, we do think that our USA Customers can benefit from this process to improve the quality of their email addresses.

Updating from version 10 means downloading and updating TM to 10.01 and ensuring changes to 2 web pages are put in place in the webPagesEN folder: tmPatronUpdateEmail.html and tmMaillistVerifyOptin.html. (any other pages changes can be made later).