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Version 10.05 - Pick your own and Web as a service

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We've been hard at work improving the web services this past year and have some exiting things planned for future versions. This release notice is an aggregation of the some key things in the past year, most noticeably:
  • The availability of pick your own seats - which venues have been using with abandon since January
  • The Web Sales Module now runs completely as a service, so it starts automatically after machine restarts without attention
  • Auto updates simplify the process of keeping up to date with enhancements with almost no work and minimal impact to users and patrons.
  • And we now offer a hosted private cloud option if you prefer the servers to be at our data centre.
Theatre Manager has always been the most full featured integrated CRM for patron management, ticket sales, donations, financial accuracy and other administration needs. Since our focus is providing choice to a venue while constantly reducing the total cost of ownership, these recent efforts have focused on infrastructure and reducing IT needs (and the key feature we added - pick your own seats).

Watch our release notes and shortly. We have a sample site with responsive pages, with many thanks and contributions from some of our customers. They are being prepared for release to make it easy to update your pages if you want them -- or you can keep using your current pages if you prefer.

If you should have any questions or need assistance installing the latest version, please feel free to contact us -- happy to do it for you.