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Step 2 - Set Task Ownership, Venue and Play Settings

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The existing tasks in this project need to be "owned" by somebody. Only the owner can edit the detail of the tasks. All other users may set their own alarms or completion of the task, but only the owner may change the actual task or assign the owner of a task.

  1. In Step 2a, you can change the Task Owner by clicking the button.

  2. The tasks can pertain to activities within a theatre/venue. If you assign them to a main theatre, you will be able to manage them on a calendar window for that theatre or switch the task into another theatre.
  3. In Step 2b, You can change the Theatre and Play settingings.

    Click the button, to change the venue.

    Click the button, to change the Play.

  4. When you have updated Step 2, click the Step 3 button.

    To cancel the Duplication, click the Cancel button.

    To return to Step 1, click the Step 1 button.