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Step 3 - Set Task Relationships and Suspensions

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In this step, you indicate whether the Relationships between the tasks should be carried forward, if the suspension of specific tasks should be included and if all the dates from the original project should be offset. That is changed to match the new project start date.

  1. Choose your relationship.

    For Relationships, choose between Clear all current relationships between tasks (which will remove any "Start to Start", "Finish to Finish", or "Finish to Start" relationships between any tasks in the project) and Retain any existing task relationships (which will retain those relationships).

  2. Choose suspensions for tasks when duplicating a project.

    For Suspensions, choose between Clear any existing suspensions (which will remove any periods of time during the tasks when there must be a suspension of work) and Retain any suspensions in current tasks (which will not remove those suspensions).

  3. Choose the starting date for tasks for the new project.


    For Starting Date, choose between Set start date of all tasks to be start date of project (which will make all tasks align their start dates with the starting date of the project) and Retain task start date as offset from start of project (which adjusts the starting date of each task in the new project from the start date of the new project, to the same time/date offset as in the original project).


  4. When you have updated Step 4, click the Step 4 button.

    To cancel the Duplication, click the Cancel button.

    To return to Step 2, click the Step 2 button.