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Step 4 - Performance Substitutions

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In Step 4, you can make a global change to tasks that are attached to different performances in a new project. A list of performances associated with the Project are displayed.

  1. To change the number of the new performance, enter the new number.

  2. To Search for a new performance for this task, click the button.

    The Performance List Lookup window opens.

  3. Make your selection, by double clicking on it or by highlighting it and clicking the Select button.

    You are returned to Duplicate Project Step 4 and your selection is in the Replacement Performance pane.

    Click the Assign Last button to assign all replacement performances to the original performance. (This is the default.)

  4. When you have updated Step 4, click the Step 5 button.

    To cancel the Duplication, click the Cancel button.

    To return to Step 3, click the Step 3 button.

    If there are any conflicts, such that you have tasks scheduled in the same venue within 1 hour of some previously assigned task, you will be asked to confirm if you want to overbook the tasks into this venue.