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Finding a Patron Record

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This section presumes you:

To bring up a Patron Record:

  1. Click the Patron button in the main toolbar.

    The Contact List window opens.

  2. Select a search option.

    In this example the Name / Company search option is selected. The Name / Company search option searchs for what you type in the First Name, Last Name or Company fields. This search option is special because it will search anywhere in the field, meaning the name or company does not need to start with what you type in, it can be in the start, middle or end. For example, if you search for Don, the search will return Don, Macdonald and Mastadon.

  3. Type a name (or portion of a name) into the "Like" field.

    Theatre Manager allows the use of the '%' wildcard when searching. The % wildcard substitutes for normal characters in a search string. For example, to search for people that sound like 'Smith', you could use 'Sm%th'. To search for all people who live on Main, you could use '% main' (this could find 123 Main Street, 895 Main Avenue, etc).

  4. Click the Search button.

    The results of the search will appear in the contact list.

    Alternatively, you can click 'Enter' on your keyboard.

  5. Click the column header.

    This is located at the top left-hand corner of the patron list window. When it is selected, the list of patrons will sort by patron number. Clicking other column headers will sort the list by that column. An underlined column header indicates the column that the list is sorted by. Sorting in reverse order is also possible by simply double clicking on the column header. You can also sort by more than one column at once by holding down the SHIFT key (Windows and Mac) and clicking on the additional column(s) you wish to sort by. You can sort by up to nine columns.

  6. Try it out.

    Look for a patron with the last name of 'MacIntosh'. If you aren't sure if it is 'M-A-C' or just 'M-C', only type in the 'Intosh' portion.

    Whose phone number is 403-254-5674? Hint: you'll have to change the search parameter to find this one!.

  7. Single click on the patron searched for.
  8. Click the Open button.

    Optionally, you can double-click on the patron in the list.

    The patron record opens.

And the answer is...

From here you can: