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Computers that do not accept Credit Card Information

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Machines that are not entering credit card numbers may have general internet access. You can ensure that these workstations cannot enter cards into Theatre Manager by setting up specific workstations or network segments that can accept payments and excluding these workstations.

If those computers are on the same network segment as the machines accepting card numbers then they fall into the scope of a PCI assessment for the venue. This means those machines would need all of the anti-virus and anti-malware software as well as file integrity monitoring, log management, access control, etc. just like the machines that accept the cards.

To reduce the scope of the venue's PCI assessment needs, the venue should consider placing those machines (back office or manager machines usually) on a separate network segment with just the necessary ports between them and the cardholder data network open. Refer to the network diagram and firewall rules to separate the computers with card access from those without onto separate VLAN's within your network.

Deploy anti-virus software on all systems commonly affected by malicious software (particularly personal computers and servers) PCI requirement 5.1

If these computers are using Theatre Manager, you may need to exclude the 'Theatre Manager' program files directory, depending on your virus software. Exclude all network traffic to port 5432 on postgres server.