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Computers accepting Credit Card Data

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Any computer where credit card information is entered or that has an attached credit card swipe is effectively a point of sale device and needs to be protected from a particularly nasty form of virus called 'Bots'.

These are especially prevalent on PC's and if a computer were to become infected, this type of virus scans keystrokes at the computer and sends those key strokes to the 'bad guys' outside the network. Preventing this involves closing most ports and providing very limited access to the outside world, especially for mail and web browsing.

For this reason, on those computers, you should:

  • Close down all outgoing ports except those specified in firewall rules for workstations.
  • Disallow general internet access via the web browser to prevent the most common source of infection. You can allow people to access for online help.
  • install virus protection software on these machines and regularly run it and update the software. There are a number of good alternatives from freeware like Avast! to Symantec (our least favourite)
Deploy anti-virus software on all systems commonly affected by malicious software, particularly personal computers and servers. PCI requirement 5.1

If these computers are using Theatre Manager, you may need to exclude the 'Theatre Manager' program files directory, depending on your virus software. Exclude all network traffic to port 5432 on postgres server.