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Gift Cards: How they work in Theatre Manager

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Gift Certificates are sold to a patrons within Theatre Manager and assigned a control number. That control number is then used as the Payment to redeem a gift certificate for tickets, or whatever the patron is buying.

Gift certificates can be:

  • printed on cards -or-
  • on ticket stock -or-
  • merged as an email in a form letter -or-
  • hand lettered on fancy traditional card stock -or-
  • implemented using plastic credit card with a bar code/swipe - much like you'd see in a grocery store for various brands
  • etc.
But no matter how you create the gift certificates (You don't even print them at all), you can always look up a pass/gift certificate by the Patron Name or by the control number.

Using plastic credit cards as gift certificates or passes depends on a desired longevity. If the card is for a membership, you might spend more on the card (so it holds up better) and if it is a gift card, you might spend a little less. You can use any card as a rechargable card.


Gift Certificates are:

  • ALWAYS sold to the person who bought it -and-
  • NEVER transferred to the person they are gifted to, ever.
They always remain under the patron record of the person who bought it and the venue need never concern themselves what the patron does with the gift certificate.

A gift certificate given to another patron by the purchaser can redeemed: