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Gift Cards: Control Numbers

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When you setup your gift cards you set the control number to be entered at time of sale and it will be when you draw the pre-printed card for your stack and sell it to a patron that you can enter or swipe to enter the card number as the control number. While Theatre Manager doesn't actually write the number to the card (you need special equipment to do that), you can use the number imprinted on the card as the Control Number in Theatre Manager.

All Gift Card amounts, balances and transactions are stored in Theatre Manager directly, this way a patron can redeem via telephone.

If the Card is lost, Theatre Manager would still know that account is "owned" because the control number, either pre-printed on the Gift Card (or even in the mag swipe, however the magswipe would only hold the card number and not the value remaining).

When selected to be sold, you can have one of three possibilities,

  • Swipe your card through your card reader and the unique number in the mag strip registers the card to our software.
  • Scan the card if you have a barcode reader and you print the cards with this unique number as a barcode on the face of the card. The barcode can be scanned in the redemption process as well.
  • Finally, you can enter the number pre-printed to the face of the gift card.