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Accepting Multiple Currencies

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Accepting multiple currencies requires you to have a merchant account in each currency you wish to accept.

Contact your credit card processor to set up a second account to process funds in the other currency. When you have all the account information for the second currency, you can begin the process of creating the second Merchant Account in Theatre Manager.

The general steps for setting up Theatre Manager to accept multiple currencies are:

  • Merchant Account Setup:
    • Contact your bank or service provider to get a merchant account in the second currency
    • Enter the merchant account information into Theatre Manager using Setup Setup -> System Tables -> Merchant Accounts
    • Make sure to indicate the currency properly on the Currency Tab
  • Payment Setup:
  • Conversion Rate Setup:
    • Enter an exchange rate to indicate the equivalent cost/conversion rate for the other currency
    • On an ongoing basis, add new currency exchange records when you want update the exchange rate. Theatre Manager always takes the one that is in effect as of the date of the transaction, so you can retain a history of past exchange rates.

Once you have completed the above 3 steps, you should test your setup on web site.


Testing Online Sales

On your ticketing web site:

  • Log in as a patron
  • Purchase some tickets
  • Proceed to the checkout window where you will see the currency options (see screen shot below)
    • This contains the all currencies you have set up
    • Select the currency you wish to use for this order
    • Changing currencies will cause the price to be re-displayed in the currency chosen
    • You can change currencies as often as you want to see the price change
Currency Selection

Please note: this means everyone can select any currency when purchasing online.


Example of a conversion

In the example, the site has been set up to convert Canadian dollars to American dollars. If the patron is purchasing $100 worth of tickets and the exchange rate is $1.00CAD = $0.70 USD

  • The $100 purchase defaults to CAD, and the patron will pay $100 CAD
  • If a patron selects USD; Theatre Manager makes the conversion, and the price will be changed to $70 USD
  • After entering the card information $70 USD will now be sent through the new Merchant Account

What if the patron selects the wrong currency?

The onus is on the patron to select a currency that matches their credit card. Theatre Manager will send the amount and the currency to the merchant provider so that you are covered. If a patron selects USD on a Canadian card (or vice versa), the bank charges the right amount on their card and you will always end up with

  • A fully paid order
  • Multiple merchant accounts to settle for the right amount at the end of day process
  • Money in your respective USD or CAD that you can transfer as needed to take advantage of exchange rates