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How should we best track what we refunded money to?

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If you require to have more understanding to WHO OR WHAT you refunded money to, you need to be explicit in what you use to 'pay the customer back'. If you simply refund the tickets and give the patron nothing in return (i.e. you leave an order balance payable to the customer), you will have a hard time tracking what you turned the money into.

VERY IMPORTANT: At a minimum, we suggest refunding the money to gift certificate or a donation that you give a very specific name to - which can then be tracked.

The mass refund of tickets option supports return to gift certificate or donation.

Do not leave the order on account.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT: If you want to track refunds by event, make a separate donation of gift certificate for each event that you are refunding and take care to refund only tickets to the appropriate campaign or gift certificate.

By way of short example:

If you create one or both of these below, then refund tickets and buy:

  • a gift certificate called COVID certificate, you can track refunds to passes by counting the passes.
  • donation campaign called COVID donation campaign, you can track refunds to donations by looking at this campaign