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What happens to accounting during a ticket refund?

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In very simplistic terms, when you refund a ticket (or donation, pass, etc), two things happen:
  • Refunding one or more tickets causes:
    • you to owe the patron something in return -and-
    • until you SELL them something, the order will have a balance owing. This shows up throughout order and patron lists in Theatre Manager in blue.
  • To address the order balance payable to the patron, you need to one of the following to convert the payable owed the patron:
    • convert the order balance payable to a donation, - or -
    • convert the balance payable to a gift certificates -or-
    • give the patron money (cash or refund to credit card)

Before you do any refunding, please make sure to set up gift certificates and donation campaigns to track refunds appropriately if you are not giving money back.

Do not leave the order on account.

You can tell how much you refunded to an event using the Transaction history by event report (see also the youtube video explanation).

However, this report only tells you how much you refunded, and not what you refunded money to.

You can refer to reports that show where money went if you've refunded tickets to passes, gift certificates and/or donations.