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Project Treelist

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On the left side of the project window is the treelist. Treelist is very useful in organizing your tasks. The treelist is a table of the tasks in the order they are to be completed. It also allows you to group like tasks under headings. How you organize groups and tasks in the Treelist, organizes them in the Gantt Chart.

You can see two types of lines in the treelist, Groups and Tasks.

  • Groups are only used to assemble tasks together. Groups are higher levels of the outline that are used only to group tasks together. Each line indicates the starting and ending times for each task or group.
  • Tasks are the individual activities that make up your project. Click here for more information on Tasks and how to set them up.
  • Right-clicking anywhere in the Treelist will bring up the context menu.

    Click here for a full description of the Treelist context Menu and all of its functions.