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Buttons and Dragging

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Below the treelist and Gantt chart are a group of buttons and a drop area for tasks.

Description of the Button and Dragging Area

A Flyout menu opens where you can add:

  • New Group - opens the Group Name dialog. Click here for more information.
  • New Task, opens the Add Task Name dialog. Chick here for more information.
  • Checkpoint - adds a new marker to the Gantt Chart. Click here for more information on adding a checkpoint.
Edits the name of the task selected.
Removes the task or the group selected.

Choosing delete when a group is selected, deletes all of the tasks in the group from the project.

Allows you to transfer tasks from one employee to another. Click here for more information.
If you want to add tasks to a project that have already been created elsewhere, you can drag them to the drop area. Click here for more information.