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Ticket Prices for ADA

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Ticket prices in Theatre Manager are setup under Events (or Plays, Concerts, Games, etc.). There is no difference to this process for the ADA act.

However you may need to change your seat map so that the pricing of any seats in the ADA area match the proportion of seats in the entire house. For example, if your venue has:

  • 100 seats at price 'A' (50% of the house - most expensive ticket)
  • 60 seats at price 'B' (30% of the venue - mid range ticket)
  • 40 seats at price 'C' (20% of the venue- least expensive ticket)
The prices of the accessible seats, regardless where they are in the venue, must have at least 20% (or more) tickets at price 'C', 30% (or more) tickets at price 'B' and the rest of the accessible tickets can be price 'A' (somewhat less than 50%).

Note that our reading of the act does not state that all accessible tickets purchased by one person need be at the same price. That could mean that the accessible seats could be set up explicitly so that their prices match an exact proportion of the ticket prices in the rest of the venue.

There is also a fairness reading of how to set prices according to the act. If all your accessible seats are amongst your 'A' tickets, then you must follow the proportional pricing approach and make some price 'B' and 'C' seats available.

If all your accessible seating is amongst the 'C' area due to how the venue was constructed, then you will need to make the accessible seating at a 'C' price because you cannot arbitrarily charge more just to maintain proportionality. The principle cited in the act is that the price must be the same as if an able-bodied person was to purchase a ticket in that area.

Theatre Manager Implementation Approach

Once you have decided how many accessible tickets you want at each pricing area as appropriate for your venue, you enter that into the venue setup under the 'Seat Names' tab. Look for the column named 'Price Codes' and enter the Price codes against the ADA accessible seats - see the sample below.

Specifically, you will see in this venue that only 3 seats are marked ADA (982,983,984) and they have been given price codes A (seat 982), B (seat 983) and C (seat 984) as per proportionality and seating area for this venue.