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Direct Link to Print-at-Home Tickets

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Printable HTML:[ cart=xxx] | [&order=yyyy]

PDF:[ cart=xxx] | [&order=yyyy]

Logged In Options

Theatre Manager supports print at home tickets in either bar or QR code format which means you can send URL's to the user via email to get ticket printed. Theatre Manager does the one for the cart automatically on the confirmation letter during the sales process

By adding options to the URL above, you can print tickets for

  • All future tickets - leave out any additions to the URL blank
  • A specific order - add &order=xxxx to the URL where xxxx is the order number
  • A specific shopping cart - add &cart=yyyy to the URL where yyyy is the shopping cart number

Note: if the patron owning the tickets is:

  • currently logged in to the online sales web site, the ticket print dialog will open.
  • not logged in, then the web site will require a log in before taking the patron to the print tickets window


Testing Options

If you want to print a test PDF ticket to see what it looks like, use the URL(s) below

Printable HTML:

PDF content as HTML:

IF you are trying to make tickets that print on ticket printers, please see the documentation about ticket faces for ticket printers.